The End is Near – The Pale Horse Finds His Calling

The Pale Horse Finds his Calling by Heather Watts, 2007

The Pale Horse Finds His Calling

12″ x 16″ Acrylic on Panel, 2007, SOLD

About “The Pale Horse…”

Ouroboros is the ancient symbol of a snake circled back and biting its tail. It represents the cyclic nature of the world, the fundamental unity of things, and in some cases, the vicious cycle.

Ethics aside, who better to sell a universal cure-all than the harbinger of apocalypse himself?  The creator of the ailment dispenses its cure. The circle closes. The snake bites its tail.

This painting is part of the series “The End is Near” which was exhibited at M Modern Gallery, Las Vegas, in May of 2007.

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