Afterlife Art: Before a thousand peering littlenesses by Heather Watts
Afterlife Art: "time had ceased to exist..." by Heather Watts
Afterlife Art: Untitled Drawing by Heather Watts
Afterlife Art: Untitled Mixed Media Drawing by Heather Watts

“…maybe the studio critique, the studio practice is simply the kind of preliminary training ground by which we might transform the world…”
— Theaster Gates

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Heather Watts

With one foot planted in traditional mixed-media artmaking, I’m stepping into the interdisciplinary space where art sheds its autonomy and becomes a partner in the co-creation of new realities.

Drawing inspiration from Tania Bruguera’s Arte Util, Theaster Gates’ social practice art and the multitudes of “outsider artists” who are hard at work in other fields building elegant solutions to complex problems, I’m interested in what art can do when freed from its reductionist restrictions.

Since dipping a toe in this area on a personal level with my 2017 Self Changing Colors project, I’ve begun to see my work in the studio as a way of building my artistic capacities towards larger possibilities. As I develop my current mixed media series-in-progress You Drift Away Closer and Closer: Fieldnotes from the Modern Afterlife I’m exploring ways traditional artmaking can meet and enhance the practice of artful changemaking.

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