“it’s hard work to untie knots” is a 4″ x 6″ mixed media piece on century-old paper including elements of collage and found text, acrylic, ink, watercolor, pencil and imitation gold leaf.

Contemporary Fine Art With a Twist of the Surreal

Heather Watts ยท March 2017

Working around themes of life, death and the afterlife, time, the strangeness of its passing, and the dissonance between the material and non-material worlds, my work seeks to patch some of the holes in modern culture (more about that here). On pages torn from early twentieth century books I combine paint, pencil, ink, imitation gold leaf, found text and pictoral fragments to create delicate images that invite quiet introspection amidst the cult of materialism and busyness that surrounds us.

I’m currently working on a series based around the theme of the afterlife. It’s not online yet but you can read about it’s development here.