Heather Watts (b. 1979, Vancouver) is a multi-media visual artist whose current bodies of work emerge from deeply personal experiences with loss and illness in the context of modern culture. She has exhibited her art in American, Canadian and European galleries, including at the Art Gallery of Calgary and La Luz de Jesus, Los Angeles. Her studio is in Vancouver, Canada.


Through vastly different forms, Heather’s work investigates the private, ambiguous realms which have fallen through the cracks of modern culture. On pages torn from vintage and antiquarian books she combines paint, pencil, ink, faux-gold leaf, found text and pictorial fragments to create a visual vocabulary and ongoing narrative for the secular afterlife. Her 2017 generative geometric painting series “Self Changing Colors” harnesses the open-ended creative power of contemporary art against an unidentified illness to create a personal Arte Util project that reclaims agency over her own health and literally transforms it.