Heather Watts – Art – The End is Near

The End is Near by Heather Watts, 2007 #art

The End is Near

10″ x 14″ Acrylic on Panel, 2007, SOLD

About “The End is Near”

In the natural world, parts of the globe experience an annual apocalypse known as “Winter.”  Leaves wither, insects die, birds flee.  The mammals, in their wisdom, go underground.

In the moments before things pitch into the abyss, leaves blaze red and life convulses in a climax of scurrying and burrowing.  For an instant, the last day of autumn teeters brilliantly.  Pictured here is its descent into dusk.

This painting is part of the series “The End is Near” which was exhibited at M Modern Gallery, Las Vegas, in May of 2007.