“Tree of Life” Art by Heather Watts

Tree of life painting by Heather Watts

Tree of Life

18″ x 24″ (46cm x 61cm) Acrylic on Wood Panel, 2011
Collection of the Artist

This piece was painted for a four-artist show at the Art Gallery of Calgary entitled “Down the Rabbit Hole: The Whimsical World of Pop Surrealism” and represents over five hundred hours of artistic work.


Limited Edition Prints

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About “Tree of Life”

To me, this painting is about imagination, and about the power of imagining something better, something that defies your circumstances, even when they seem bleak and overwhelming.

I think of this tree as something the children around it have created with their imaginations. In this barren forest, amidst the vultures, stumps and dead leaves, the children have joined hands to play in a circle and have dreamed up something powerful and life-giving, lush and blooming.

Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look there.

~ M. Antoniinus