She Sees Things Differently

Limited Edition Fine Art Print

Against the backdrop of a calm turquoise sea, a woman sees without eyes in this hauntingly surreal portrait by Heather Watts.

Professionally printed 11″ x 13 3/4″ giclee image, signed and numbered by Heather Watts in limited edition of 50.

$120.00 (USD)


More About This Print

This unique surreal art print is all about the realm of the heart and the possibility of seeing from a place beyond our eyes. It evokes the mystery and beauty of the ocean as a setting for looking within and without. The symbolic theme of sight and perception is carried through the painting’s imagery, from the porthole and lighthouse to the contrast between a ship-in-a-bottle and a ship on the horizon. The blind woman’s pose is reminiscent of a ship’s figurehead.

Professionally printed in limited edition by Fidelis Art Prints, this fine art giclee print is a vibrant reproduction of Heather Watts’ original painting “She Sees Things Differently”. The image features deep turquoises and reds with softer pink highlights and aqua tones–all inspired by antique hand-tinted photographs.

‘She Sees Things Differently’ is an unofficial companion piece to another surreal art print, ‘Self Portrait’. They were painted at the same time, during an intensely introspective period for the artist.  They are threaded through with the same aquas and reds and feature similar images of the heart.

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

Size:11″ x 13 3/4″ image with 1″ white border (approx. 28cm x 35cm / 2.5cm)
Edition:Limited Edition of 50, signed, titled and numbered
Print Type:Archival, Professionally Printed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Paper