The Squirrel

Limited Edition Fine Art Print


Unconventional lovebirds get ready to share a meal in this mini-print by Heather Watts.


Professionally printed 4 1/4″ x 5 5/8″ giclee image, signed and numbered by Heather Watts in limited edition of 25.
$80.00 (USD)

Due to job action this month in the Canada Postal Service, prints are currently being sold by email only to avoid shipping issues in the event of a full strike. Please email to arrange purchase.


More About This Print

Owl Art Print:  The Squirrel

With cartoon-inspired lightness, this miniature owl-themed art print explores the deeper subject of life and death in the natural world.  Set amidst the dead oak leaves and acorns of autumn, it features a pair of non-traditional lovebirds with a small squirrel clutched in their feathery talons.

‘The Squirrel’ is professionally printed by Fidelis Art Prints in rich autumnal browns and has a subtly textured look that captures the feel of the original painting.  With just 25 prints in this limited edition run, this is not only the smallest Heather Watts print but also currently the smallest edition.

Signed and numbered by Heather Watts, each print of ‘The Squirrel’ comes with a Fidelis Art Prints certificate of authenticity signed by the artist and by Fidelis’ master printmaker.

Size:4 1/4″ x 5 5/8″ image with 1″ white border (approx. 11cm x 14cm / 2.5cm)
Edition:Limited Edition of 25
Type:Archival, Professionally Printed Giclée Print on 100% Cotton Paper