Green Eggs & Ham

Limited Edition Fine Art Print

For children young and old, Green Eggs & Ham mixes dark realities with a taste of childhood sweetness.

Professionally printed 8″ x 10″ giclee image, signed and numbered by Heather Watts in limited edition of 40.
$80.00 (USD)

Due to job action this month in the Canada Postal Service, prints are currently being sold by email only to avoid shipping issues in the event of a full strike. Please email to arrange purchase.


More About This Print

Subtly inspired by the art of Dr. Seuss and recently featured in The Graphic Cannon of Children’s Literature from Seven Stories Press, Green Eggs & Ham shows a brave little salamander sitting down to eat in a polluted world. There’s a sweetness about the moment that defies the danger lurking in the background, a storybook innocence in the bright-eyed salamander, surreal sense of perspective and mellow cast of illumination.

Professionally printed in limited edition of 40 by Fidelis Art Prints, Green Eggs and Ham features a combination of rich and muted colors that create an illusion of soft light. Each print comes with a printer’s certificate of authenticity and is signed and numbered by Heather Watts as well as by a Fidelis master printmaker.

Size:8″ x 10″ image with 1″ white border (approx. 20cm x 25cm / 2.5cm)
Edition:Limited edition of 40, signed, titled and numbered
Type:Archival, professionally printed giclée print on 100% cotton paper