Standard Frames and Other Recommendations

Frames can be found to fit any budget, but since full custom framing can get expensive, all of my prints are sized to fit in standard size North American frames with the addition of a custom cut mat. I’ve listed specific prints and frame sizes in detail below.
If you’re on a budget, a more one-of-a-kind framing option is to refurbish a vintage frame from a thrift store or garage sale. Either way, it’s definitely worth spending a little extra on a good quality mat with an acid-free core that won’t discolor as it ages.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Giclee fine art prints like the ones sold on should be framed under glass with a mat to separate the print from the glass. Framing gives prints added protection from moisture and UV light, while matting keeps them from rubbing against or sticking to the glass.

If you decide not to frame this way, do so at your own risk, knowing that giclee prints on paper can be easily damaged. That being said, I won’t personally take offense if you want to just tack my work up on the wall. It’s meant to be enjoyed. Just be aware that it won’t last as long that way.

Tree of Life

“Tree of Life” is sized to just fit in a standard size 18” x 24” frame with a thin custom-cut mat around it. The dimensions of the mat will be a little wider on the top and bottom then on the sides, but this is perfectly okay. When I frame Tree of Life prints for display this is the setup I use, as can be seen in the picture above.If you have the budget for it, the alternative is to spend more for a custom-built frame with a wider mat all the way around to give the art more presence and make it a larger centerpiece on your wall.

The Musical Monkey
The Pale Horse Finds His Calling
She Sees Things Differently

These three prints are similar sizes and will all look good in standard size 16” x 20” frames with custom-cut mats.

Green Eggs & Ham
Self Portrait
Old Time Heartstrings
Bumper Cars

These four prints will all fit in standard size 11” x 14” frames with custom-cut mats. “Green Eggs & Ham” and “Self Portrait” are larger and their dimensions will give them a slightly thinner mat on the sides than the top and bottom. This is perfectly acceptable and is typically the way I frame these prints for display. Depending on your personal taste, these two could alternatively be framed with a much wider mat in a 16″ x 20″ inch frame, or in a custom frame sized somewhere in between.

“Old Time Hearstrings” and “Bumper Cars” are both well-sized for standard 11″ x 14″ frames, although “Old Time Heartstrings” will have a slightly wider mat on the sides than the top and bottom. Again, this is completely fine and is the way I frame these prints myself.

The Squirrel

“The Squirrel” is sized to look good in a standard size 8” x 10” frames with a custom-cut mat.



If you have any questions about the specifics of framing your print or just want to share a photo of the framed piece with me please email