Limited Edition Prints

Professionally-printed, archival quality small-run limited edition prints of some of my past work are available for purchase here. 

Their mash-up of influences include history, mythology, religion, politics, pop surrealist art, children’s books and Disney cartoons among other things. You can read more about this work in this site’s archive section.

Please email any questions about prints to

Bumper Cars Skull Art Print
“Bumper Cars” Fine Art Print
Tree of Life Fine Art Pring
“Tree of Life” Fine Art Print
Green Eggs and Ham Art Print
“Green Eggs & Ham” Fine Art Print
Self Portrait Fine Art Print
“Self Portrait” Fine Art Print
Skeleton Fine Art Print
“Old Time Heartstrings” Fine Art Print

Owls Fine Art Print
“The Squirrel” Fine Art Pring

Heart Sight Goddess Art Print
“She Sees Things Differently” Fine Art Print
Snake Oil Horse Art Print
“The Pale Horse Finds His Calling” Fine Art Print