“The Weary Shepherd” Art by Heather Watts

The Weary Shepherd

11″ x 14″ (28cm x 36cm) Acrylic on Panel, 2011. SOLD.

This painting is part of the series “Small Heroes” which was exhibited at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles, in April of 2011.


About The Weary Shepherd

by Heather Watts

This painting is one that came to me in a flash while I was walking by the ocean on a grey day when the waves were choppy. I could imagine the scene before me, the lost lambs adrift at sea, stretching out into the distance endlessly like whitecaps, and the poor weary shepherd whose duty it is to care for the flock.

The weary shepherd knows he can’t save them all. But he paddles onward bravely, saving the ones he can. For me this painting is about that bravery. It’s about letting go of the things you can’t change and doing everything in your power to change the ones you can. It’s about holding two conflicting things within yourself at the same time–fear and strength, sorrow and gratitude, desperation and determination–and choosing to fight an unwinnable war because there is nothing to do but fight.


“The Weary Shepherd” Limited Edition Art Prints

A limited edition art print of “The Weary Shepherd” will likely be released sometime in 2016. If you are interested in purchasing one, please If you would like to be kept in the loop and notified when they are available, please email info@heatherwatts.com.