Heather Watts: Who Says You Can’t Eat Democracy?

Who Says You Can't Eat Democracy by Heather Watts, 2007 #art

Who Says You Can’t Eat Democracy

5″ x 7″ Acrylic on Panel, 2007, SOLD

About “Who Says You Can’t Eat Democracy”

Years from now it will be an old saying, but for now the phrase “you can’t eat democracy” is just a flippant sound bite about the hard truth in Iraq.

Realism insists however, that civil order, a functioning economy and potable water are actually quite palatable, a fact the architects of the “peace” failed to grasp.  This painting examines the fallout of their failure.

This painting is part of the series “The End is Near” which was exhibited at M Modern Gallery, Las Vegas, in May of 2007.