How You Can Support my Work

Please Share!

If we’re all going to be glued to our news feeds let’s at least fill them with art!

Afterlife Art: "time had ceased to exist for me.." by Heather Watts

It may not seem like much, but one of the biggest things you can do for me is share my new work (You Drift Away Closer and Closer or Self Changing Colors) on Instagram and tag me @heatherwattsart and #heatherwatts.

My art has changed a lot in the last few years, and trying to present myself through my new work online can be a real challenge, especially since I’m gradually returning to art full time after an extended break for family and health concerns. As much as I’m not a big fan of the Facebook Empire, Instagram is now one of the best ways artists can build their online presence.

Please feel free to share any images on this site via any social media channel, but in particular, please share You Drift Away Closer and Closer or Self Changing Colors. Just make sure you attribute them to me and tag my handle so people can find me and link back to where appropriate!

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Support by Buying:


Original Work

If you are interested in purchasing original work, I will be announcing new availability in 2019. Please drop me a line personally at if you’re interested in hearing from me when original work is finally available for sale again.


Limited Edition Prints

I’m also currently selling small-run limited edition prints from my early body of work whose strange mash-up of influences include history, mythology, religion, politics, pop surrealist art, children’s books and classic Disney cartoons. This is a style I no longer paint in, but the prints are still available for now to support my continued work in the studio.

Note: Due to job action this month in the Canada Postal Service, prints are currently being sold by email only to avoid shipping issues in the event of a full strike. Please email to arrange purchase.

Email list reincarnating fall 2019. Learn More.