After Life (working title) is a new mixed-media series-in-progress I’m currently creating around the theme of the afterlife.

This work is inspired by the unknown and unknowable nature of the secular afterlife, but also by the border between the spiritual and material worlds, by themes of loss and preservation, and by death rites and rituals across cultures.

Art-Making in Troubled Times

When I started this series of work on the afterlife in early 2016, the only reservation I had was that it’s largely apolitical. I knew it wouldn’t allow me to comment in any kind of direct way on world events. More and more I believe I have a responsibility to […]

Surreal Figures of the Afterlife

“…to him the wall / That sunders ghosts and shadow-casting men / Became a crystal, and he saw them thro’ it, / And heard their voices talk behind the wall, / And learnt their elemental secrets, powers / And forces;” –Alfred Lord Tennyson   I found that quotation last week […]